Occupational medicine services

Occupational medicine is the branch of clinical medicine most active in the field of occupational health. Its principal role are prevention, diagnosis and management of work accidents, occupational diseases and the ones related of profession, as well as promotion of health and productivity of workers. According to current legislation, employers must offer their employees health surveillance by occupational health.




Occupational medicine services:


- Employment medical examination-structured according to profession and risks exposure – establishes ability to work.


- Regular medical examination-establishes ability to work


 -  Adaptation medical exam–establishes ability to work for individuals engaged in jobs with proven or potential risks.


 -  Medical exam at the resume of the activity or for people who interrupt work more than 30 days, for medical reasons-establishes ability to work.


 -  Rehabilitation, orientation and professional reinsertion in case of work accidents .


 -  Permanent collaboration with the family physician of the employees, information on health status, in accordance with NGPM provisions


 -  Monitorization of  the diseases detected, and further investigation through specialist examinations and/or laboratory investigations settled by state insurance system.


 -  Monitorization of the employees diseases by taking in evidence of the sick leave certificates, and trough tracking the patient's evolution.